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We Have Been 100% Bird Free For 4 Years Now!

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Birdie Blocker LLC is locally owned and based in Northeast, Ohio. After listening to boaters' concerns regarding bird feces, we designed a simplistic way to deter birds from roosting on the bows of boats. The birdie blocker device is easy-on, easy-off and tangle free. We ship anywhere! We also service marinas through various customized ways to drastically reduce and even rid facilities of troublesome seagulls and geese. Our innovative concepts are adaptable to any situation or surface including docks, platforms, walls, rooflines and many more. We even have solutions to deter geese from grassy areas! All of our products are overwhelmingly effective at deterring these menacing birds and are eco-friendly. Services can be provided to both residential and commercial properties. We currently service facilities throughout the United States. Any questions or concerns, then please contact a Birdie Blocker Representative: (440)-488-5050 or email us: