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Geese Control

Why Should I Choose Geese Control From Your Company? Most importantly to keep your family, friends, boaters, employees and animals safe from all the diseases these birds carry. All are products are ECO friendly. Birdie Blocker has been getting rid of Geese for over 4 years now and has been 100% effective. We take geese control very serious and do not stop till we get rid of them. We do not harm the geese at all.

After Hiring Your Company, What Is Next? We will come out from May to October to spray the grass for Geese control each and every month. Now if these geese want to be stubborn birds and we need to come out more each month, then we will as well and you dont need to worry about this, as this is why we take geese control very serious and making clients very happy. You will not have to worry about anything at all, as we will be taking care of it each and every month for your company..

Should I Get My Community Involved? Absolutely, as this will help protect your whole community from the diseases these birds carry. Helping your community stay clean is are goal and to also cut down on the diseases they spread, and the damages these birds do.

Rates May Vary / Group Pricing Available 1/4 acre = $600 per month
1/2 acre = $800 per month
3/4 acre = $1,000 per month
1 acre = $1,200 per month

Any questions or concerns, then please contact a Birdie Blocker Representative: (440)-488-5050 or email us: