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  • The Birdie Blocker

    Birdie Blocker is the orginal device that CEO/Founder Greg Thompson came up with for boaters that had a bird problem on the bow of there boats. After 2 years of boat shows, Mr Thompson was listening to the people and their needs and that is why now Birdie Blocker has become what it is today! Now servicing from Marinas to anything in the United States that has a Geese, Seagull, cormorant or Swallow problems

  • Product Details

    Swallows and other birds are a constant problem on boats that remain in the water. This system reduces bird problems, if not eliminates this problem. Once installed, a very thin line is suspended just above the railing on your boat. Birds can not grasp the line, therefore can't land there and make a mess. Sure birds can land other places on your boat, however, they favor railings. By eliminating this option, birds are forced to seek distant roosting points. Nearby roosts actually become a lure to them. An additional benefit to the system is that once installed the line tends to glare in the breeze. It is very subtle and ever changing.

    Unlike Competitors, This Is Pre-Assembled And Tangle Free

    Stop wasting your time putting together products from competitors, when all you have to do is take it out of the box and put it on your boat within less then 5 mins of your time!

    You can set it up and leave it because it can remain deployed while under way! We don't recommend you to leave it on your boat why you cruise the water.


    1 Pre-Assembled Kit includes:

    (9) clips for the railing

    (1) 60" spool of UV 60 (pd) stable line

    (1) Fly reel

    ( 2) clips to hold the fly reel on the railing. This is typically enough for a boat up to 40".

    Larger boats will require additional kits.

    Pre-Assembled kit fits railings from 7/8 - 1" to as is.

    If you need bigger clips then let us know! Clips are made with UV stable material


    * Use at the dock or underway ( not recommended for underway )

    * Hang Christmas lights on the clips

    * Hang wet clothes under the clips

    * Extremely effective

    * You can still grab railing as if unit was not deployed (except directly over clips)

    * Quick deployment within less then 5 mins

    * Nothing else to buy

    * UV stable products for years of use.

    * Will not scratch or damage railings

    * If your boat railing is over 40", then you will have to purchase 2 units. Every unit covers 5 feet to 40 feet of railing

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